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Size Guides


Finding the right size for your curtains is actually very easy, just do these 5 simple things to work it out.

1st: Measure the length of your curtain rail (not including the ends).

2nd: Depending on the type of gather you want when your curtains are closed, you can work out the width of each curtain by doing the following (very simple) sums:

Medium gather = Length of curtain rail X 1.5, then divide by 2.

Full/normal gather = Length of curtain rail

Heavy gather = Length of curtain rail X 2.5, then divide by 2

3rd: To work out the length, first decide where you want your curtain to sit:

On the sill = the curtain should sit ½ an inch above the sill.

Below the sill = the curtain should sit 6 inches below the sill

To the floor = the curtain should sit 1 inch above the floor to avoid dragging

4th: Now measure from your pole to the desired length. For tab top and pleated curtains, this is your measurement. If you have eyelet or ring top curtains you’ll need to add 1.5 inches

5th: Find some amazing curtains in your size.



Sizes can vary slightly depending on what you need, whether it’s a fitted sheet, flat sheet or duvet cover. Just follow this simple table to work out which dimensions are best for your bed, however you should always be aware that Ikea bed sizes do stray from the norm.


The worst thing you can do is get a rug that’s too small. If it’s going to be in your living room, a good rule of thumb is to have at least the front legs of your furniture sitting on the rug, unless you have a particularly small room, in which case keep it centred with just your coffee table sitting in the centre on the rug.

If, however you have all your furniture sitting away from the walls, then you can throw the rule book out of the window. In this case you can have the furniture sitting completely on the rug if you want to.

For the dining room, you want at least 14 inches extra on each side of your dining table, this will allow you to push your chair back from the table without the legs falling off the rug.

Before you buy, it’s a good idea to map out the area you want to place your rug to get an idea of the size you need.