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About Us

Once upon a time we were a website providing stylish and functional curtains, but now we’ve become much more than that. We’ve expanded our horizons to include not just the window, but also the bed, the floor, the walls, the bathroom and even the coffee table.

Your home deserves to be dressed in style and here at PASX we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing everything you could possibly need, want and dare we say it? Desire. And it’s all available at prices that won't put a great big dent into your bank account, because we are sincere believers in living in a world where you can wake up in a cocoon of amazing cottony softness, step forward onto a carpet of fanciful designs and delight in amazing decoration as you draw back the curtains. And that’s before you even leave the bedroom.

For 12 years our family-run business has helped thousands of homes just like yours become a little bit more extraordinary. Because we know just how important this is, we don’t even mind if you change your mind.

We’ve put together a team who are ready and waiting to guide you through the process should you need it. Or even if you just fancy a little chat about the latest trends in bathroom towels, we love that too! One of the side effects of working in a world of home furnishings, we spend a lot of time talking about how lovely Egyptian cotton feels first thing in the morning.

We do like other things too, like the two little pups who occasionally join us in the office. Because who can’t help but smile when there’s a cute dog around?