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Miss Ps Picks – A Deeper Shade Of Blue

Miss Ps Picks – A Deeper Shade Of Blue

Going through all of the new products, I couldn’t help but be inspired by all the different shades of blue. From navy patterns to blue toned greys, this is definitely the colour to watch. Mix in some hints of yellow and you’ll forever be surrounded by the calmness of the seaside.

But don’t just take my word for it, check out my top picks below. Which one’s your favourite?


I love this chevron cushion so much I bought it myself. It’s hand woven so it brings a great texture to the sofa.
Woven Chevron Cushion Cover

This is the perfect vase for daffodil season. Just imagine a handful of fresh blooms sitting in your kitchen.
Faceted Dip Dye Vase

I like to keep things simple, so a cute cushion like this with a hint of colour is just perfect.
Ashley Wilde Embroidered Cushion

I’m usually a fan of plain white bedding, but if I were to choose a print it would be this one. The simplicity of it keeps it looking beautiful, and the hint of yellow on the edges is just enough to brighten up a dull room.
Berwick Paisley Print Duvet

Ok, so not technically blue or yellow, but it’s still pretty. Just add tea lights to set the mood on a lovely summer’s evening.
Moroccan Star Lantern

I don’t know where I would have been last year without my floor cushion. I like to keep one handy for when I’ve got too many guests, or for when I’m lazing around in the garden. This one is made using the kilim technique, and for those not in the know, that means it’ll last a really really long time.
Kilim Floor Cushion

Who couldn’t love this? It’s cute, it’s simple, it’s the perfect cushion for breaking up a plain bedding set.
Montague Floral Print Cushion

Is there anything better than getting home after a long day, sitting back and putting your feet up on a cool footstool? No, I didn’t think so.
Kilim Footstool

A luxury boudoir cushion with a soft duck feather filling – need I say more?
Ashley Wilde Embroidered Cushion

For those with an eye for art, you’ll see soft waves on a calm ocean with cawing birds overhead. For the rest of us, you’ll see a pretty cushion that’ll suit a nautical theme perfectly.
Rathmore Seaside Filled Cushion

Speaking of nautical, this cushion says it all really.
Rathmore Seaside Filled Cushion

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean we can pack away our winter wardrobe, throws and all. Those breezy summer evenings often require a little extra layer, and I reckon this chevron throw is about to get a whole lot of use.
Herringbone Woven Throw

If you’re like me and not a fan of over-the-top pretty, but still like things to be a bit feminine (it’s a balance that’s actually pretty hard to perfect), then this bedding is for you.
Oriental Birds Duvet Cover Set

I probably change my curtains a lot more than the average person. Sometimes I go plain and neutral, others I go stand out bright and bold. This time I’m about to go pretty and sophisticated, because I absolutely adore this pair.
Copeland Leaf Print Eyelet Curtains


Check out the rest of my top picks here, and don’t forget to tweet me if you have a favourite.